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ARKQ 27 May 2021 Buy AONE ONE 15,000 0.0051
ARKQ 26 May 2021 Buy AONE ONE 103,849 0.0355
ARKQ 11 May 2021 Buy AONE ONE 25,811 0.0088
ARKQ 10 May 2021 Buy AONE ONE 50,400 0.0172
ARKQ 7 May 2021 Buy AONE ONE 15,841 0.0052
ARKQ 6 May 2021 Buy AONE ONE 14,302 0.0047
ARKQ 24 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 132,800 0.0492
ARKQ 23 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 225,998 0.0818
ARKQ 22 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 17,570 0.0063
ARKQ 19 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 87,945 0.0308
ARKQ 18 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 64,918 0.0230
ARKQ 12 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 1,223 0.0004
ARKQ 11 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 50,607 0.0175
ARKQ 10 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 79,272 0.0278
ARKQ 9 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 68,074 0.0200
ARKQ 8 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 13,118 0.0046
ARKQ 3 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 554,800 0.1957
ARKQ 2 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 434,479 0.1511
ARKQ 1 Mar 2021 Buy AONE ONE 115,889 0.0398
ARKQ 26 Feb 2021 Buy AONE ONE 138,071 0.0488
ARKQ 24 Feb 2021 Buy AONE ONE 208,917 0.0640
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Cathie Wood's ARK Invest sells nearly 34,000 shares of Tesla

On Monday, a large number of shares of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) managed by ETF star Cathie Wood were sold. In particular, this fund sold nearly 34,000 shares of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), despite the fact that the fund's price had increased by more than 1 percent on the day. It should be noted that the fund has experienced a significant decline over the past year.


The ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK) was responsible for the sale of 33,919 shares of Tesla. At Monday's closing price, the transaction would have been valued at approximately $34.2 million. Despite the fact that this represents a small portion of the total holdings, every little bit helps. In the last year, the fund has lost 17 percent of its value.


Cathie Wood's ARK Transparency ETF (CTRU) is preparing to make its debut on Wednesday, according to the company.

In preparation for Cathie Wood's launch of the ARK Transparency ETF, financial markets are bracing themselves (BATS: CTRU). CTRU is set to launch on Wednesday and will aim to provide investors with exposure to stocks that exhibit the highest levels of transparency, openness, communication, and trust in their operations.

ARK believes that greater transparency fosters greater consumer confidence while also providing investors with long-term growth potential. Because of this, CTRU is designed to track the price movements of the Transparency Index on a continuous basis. The cumulative returns of the S & P 500 and the Transparency Index from October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2021, are depicted in the chart below.

The new fund will have an expense ratio of 0.55 percent, which is lower than the current one. Furthermore, the ETF will have 100 holdings, with the top three holdings being Cloudflare (NYSE: NET), Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE), and Enphase Energy (NYSE: E) (NASDAQ: ENPH). The top holdings and weightings of CTRU are detailed in the fund's fact sheet.

CTRU will be the ninth exchange-traded fund (ETF) launched by ARK Invest and the third index-based ETF. The fund will trade alongside Wood's flagship fund, the ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK), which has amassed over $16 billion in assets under management as of the end of September.

The market's reaction to CTRU's unveiling will be determined in due course. If you're interested in a comparison, Wood's most recent ETF launch, the actively managed ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF (BATS: ARKX), saw $295 million worth of value traded in its initial public offering on March 30, 2021.

Although her actively managed exchange-traded funds have performed well this year, Wood's newest fund addition will be launched at a time when the sector has been under fire.


The Ark of Cathie Wood Invest falls into a bear market as tech bets turn sour.

Ark Invest's flagship Trade-traded fund has seen its losses for the year soar to 26 cents for every dollar invested, as investors sell off the high-growth but typically unprofitable technology stocks that were responsible for the fund's meteoric rise.

Ark Innovation, owned by trader Cathie Wood, opened down four cents on Monday, following a 12.6 cent decrease the previous week, the company's lowest seven-day stretch since February. Since its February high, the ETF has lost more than 40 cents for every dollar invested.

Ark Innovation is a $21.4 billion actively managed exchange-traded fund that invests in corporations in the United States that are pursuing "disruptive innovation," particularly in areas such as DNA systems, automation, robotics, and electrical power storage, synthetic intelligence, and financial technology.

In the past year, some of Ark's most valuable investments have been hammered, including the real estate marketplace Zillow, the virtual health care organization Teladoc, Zoom — the video clip meeting platform that was just one of the big winners of the pandemic — and Roku, a television streaming company.


AJ Bell, the UK's second-largest shown spending platform, claimed that "there has been a waning of enthusiasm for higher-growth tech companies." Russ Mould, the company's financial commitment director, said that A large portion of Ark Innovations' holdings is losing money, which is not ideal in an environment when interest rates are expected to climb.

Although Tesla, Ark's lone most prominent position, has recently weakened, its broad 2021 decline would have been substantially worse had it not been for the company's strong performance in 2018. Tesla is up 38 percent this year despite recent weakness.

Ark Innovation, according to Mould, has faced "some inventory-certain concerns, which have exposed some expensive valuations," in addition to risky technology stocks falling out of favor with investors.

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