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ARKF 18 Dec 2020 Buy KSPILI KASPI.KZ JSC 4,652 0.0152
ARKG 18 Dec 2020 Buy BLI BERKELEY LIGHTS INC 16,779 0.0248
ARKG 18 Dec 2020 Buy CDXS CODEXIS INC 271,398 0.0884
ARKG 18 Dec 2020 Sell CRSP CRISPR THERAPEUTICS AG 47,117 0.1148
ARKG 18 Dec 2020 Buy INCY INCYTE CORP 59,684 0.0866
ARKG 18 Dec 2020 Buy SURF SURFACE ONCOLOGY INC 14,016 0.0021
ARKG 18 Dec 2020 Buy TAK TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD 225,600 0.0698
ARKG 18 Dec 2020 Buy TDOC TELADOC HEALTH INC 36,195 0.1150
ARKK 18 Dec 2020 Buy U UNITY SOFTWARE INC 75,382 0.0675
ARKK 18 Dec 2020 Sell XONE EXONE CO/THE 69,005 0.0050
ARKQ 18 Dec 2020 Buy KMTUY KOMATSU LTD 27,173 0.0519
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Cathie Wood's Ark Invest is leaving Wall Street and relocating to Florida

Ark Investment Management said on Wednesday that it is permanently closing its New York office and relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida.

In 2020, Wood's flagship Ark Innovation exchange-traded fund soared over 150 percent, making her a Wall Street sensation.

Wood is unique in that she focuses solely on the technology industry. So it's probably unsurprising that she's quitting Wall Street.

Ark expects the move to "advance its business as it scales and continues to alter the asset management market," as well as "improve collaboration between and across the communities focused on innovation," according to the company.

"Ark isn't your typical Wall Street asset management firm, and we're excited to continue to break the mold by relocating to St. Petersburg, a city that values technology, research, and creativity," Wood added.

Jana Haines, Ark's strategy chief, said the area's "vibrant and diversified talent base" and the success of public-private partnerships centered on innovation encouraged the company.

This year hasn't been as good to Wood as the previous one. Despite a booming tech market, with the Nasdaq up more than 14 percent so far in 2021, the Innovation ETF is down 3.5 percent coming into the fourth quarter.

Cathie Wood's flagship fund has sold almost all of its Nintendo stock ahead of what is expected to be a disappointing Switch update

Cathie Wood's flagship fund has been selling Nintendo stock ahead of the October 8 introduction of the Japanese video game maker's Switch system.

In July, the firm tweeted that it would offer the OLED Switch update this month but had "no plans to launch any other model," the renowned stock picker began to sell her Nintendo stock.

According to data on Ark's website, the Ark Innovation ETF now owns a small investment in Nintendo valued at roughly $82,000, consisting of 1,500 American Depositary Receipts.

That's down from more than 4.7 million shares held by ARKK at the end of February when Nintendo's US-listed ADRs were at their highest point this year. The stock has lost 32% year to date, and it was the last trading at $54.60 per share.

The new Nintendo device, which costs $350, features a larger 7-inch OLED screen. However, a much-anticipated improvement to the console's visuals – 4K display capabilities on par with Microsoft and Sony – is lacking. Some fans have been disappointed by this.

Also, analysts aren't very optimistic about the company, with Wedbush predicting that the next set of suitable catalysts for Nintendo after the Switch will be challenging to come by.

In a recent report, Wedbush analysts Michael Pachter, Nick McKay, and Junaid Zubair said, "The Switch is likely approaching its post-peak years as competition picks up, and Nintendo has highlighted worries. About supply shortages."

"The scale of the Switch OLED model rollout remains uncertain, and Nintendo has indicated that it does not have any plans to launch further Switch models beyond the OLED model at this time," they wrote, implying that a device with 4K resolution is unlikely to be released anytime soon.

Wood has been selling Tesla stock as part of his "disruptive innovation" investment strategy. Late last month, three of Ark Investment Management's ETFs sold $270 million worth of the electric vehicle maker's stock. However, Tesla is one of their top holdings for all three.

Hamster outperforms Warren Buffett, Cathie Wood, and the S&P 500

Mr. Goxx, a hamster, is a trader who has outperformed some of the industry's top names. On a Twitch channel, the rodent is broadcasts trading. According to crypto new site Protos, his roughly 20% profits since starting trading in June have beaten the S&P 500, Cathie Wood, and Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway.

A Twitch stream begins when Mr. Goxx enters the so-called Goxx Capital office (a small box adjacent to his regular cage). His Twitter and Reddit accounts receive an alert, notifying his followers. Even if he leaves right away or sits quietly, inspiration can come at any time.

Mr. Goxx's office is equipped with a wheel and two tunnels, allowing him to do business. The wheel, appropriately titled the wheel of intention, spins through roughly 30 cryptocurrencies, one of which is "chosen" once he exits.

When Mr. Goxx steps away from the wheel, he has the option of passing through one of his office's two tunnels. The one on the left is branded "purchase," while the one on the right is labeled "sell." Depending on which tunnel he passes through, an automatic purchase or sell order is placed on an internet crypto exchange using real money.

Mr. Goxx's recent trades are displayed in a box in the upper right corner of the Twitch stream. His account value and returns are displayed in a box at the bottom.

Despite Mr. Goxx's recent success, his owner, a 30-year-old German lecturer and prototyping specialist told the BBC that the idea began as a hobby during the pandemic. Since college, the owner, who preferred anonymity, had put together the pet rodent's set up with his best friend.

According to the pair, Mr. Goxx's streams are intended for entertainment only and not as financial advice. Mr. Goxx is not a certified or licensed trader, according to a little box at the bottom of each stream.