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ARKF 21 Sep 2021 Sell 9923HK YEAHKA LTD 132,000 0.0136
ARKF 21 Sep 2021 Buy HOOD ROBINHOOD MARKETS INC 69,808 0.0835
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Buy BEAM BEAM THERAPEUTICS INC 33,600 0.0404
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Sell CDXS CODEXIS INC 16,133 0.0052
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Sell CLLS CELLECTIS SA 4,696 0.0008
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Sell CRBU CARIBOU BIOSCIENCES INC 275,182 0.0850
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Sell NVS NOVARTIS AG 94,000 0.0990
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Buy NVTA INVITAE CORP 91,848 0.0370
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Buy PSNL PERSONALIS INC 98,918 0.0264
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Buy SLGC SOMALOGIC INC 100 0.0000
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Sell SMFR SEMA4 HOLDINGS CORP 236,370 0.0262
ARKG 21 Sep 2021 Buy TDOC TELADOC HEALTH INC 90,387 0.1594
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Buy COIN COINBASE GLOBAL INC 65,612 0.0748
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Sell IRDM IRIDIUM COMMUNICATIONS INC 221,000 0.0460
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Sell NTDOY NINTENDO CO LTD 90,600 0.0261
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Buy PD PAGERDUTY INC 18,425 0.0040
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Sell PRLB PROTO LABS INC 38,881 0.0132
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Buy ROKU ROKU INC 83,958 0.1287
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Buy SGFY SIGNIFY HEALTH INC 317,206 0.0355
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Sell TER TERADYNE INC 417,933 0.2320
ARKK 21 Sep 2021 Buy TWOU 2U INC 69,969 0.0116
ARKQ 21 Sep 2021 Buy DDD 3D SYSTEMS CORP 103,369 0.1134
ARKQ 21 Sep 2021 Buy MKFG MARKFORGED HOLDING CORP 57,604 0.0172
ARKQ 21 Sep 2021 Sell NXPI NXP SEMICONDUCTORS NV 52,123 0.4165
ARKQ 21 Sep 2021 Buy PATH UIPATH INC 98,722 0.2029
ARKQ 21 Sep 2021 Sell SNPS SYNOPSYS INC 4,219 0.0523
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Buy CND CONCORD ACQUISITION CORP 64,000 0.0121
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Buy COIN COINBASE GLOBAL INC 42,915 0.1895
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Buy GENI GENIUS SPORTS LTD 94,736 0.0338
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Buy HOOD ROBINHOOD MARKETS INC 253,601 0.1967
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Buy PATH UIPATH INC 256,835 0.2505
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Sell SE SEA LTD 52,864 0.3237
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Sell SHOP SHOPIFY INC 7,531 0.2006
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Sell SQ SQUARE INC 21,827 0.1016
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Buy TDOC TELADOC HEALTH INC 98,667 0.2557
ARKW 21 Sep 2021 Buy VUZI VUZIX CORP 77,401 0.0160
ARKX 21 Sep 2021 Buy ACHR ARCHER AVIATION INC 103,600 0.1642
ARKX 21 Sep 2021 Buy BLDE BLADE AIR MOBILITY INC 46,513 0.0823
ARKX 21 Sep 2021 Sell NVDA NVIDIA CORP 6,000 0.2223
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Is Cathie Wood's winning streak coming to an end? In the third quarter, Ark Invest ETFs underperformed a broader market

Even while other actively managed funds and fund managers battled to recover from the COVID-19-induced slowdown, Cathie Wood's Ark Invest had a spectacular year in 2020. Wood was dubbed the "Midas Touch" after her fund's flagship ARK Innovation ETF ARKK +0.77% (Get Free Alerts for ARKK) returned a whopping 153 percent, outperforming the S& P 500 Index's 16.3 percent gain.

Ark Experiences a Post-COVID-19 Complication: By 2021, Ark's performance had become more mixed. The Ark Innovation ETF dropped 3.7 percent in the first quarter before rebounding with a 9 percent gain in the second.

According to Ark's third-quarter performance report, all of its actively managed funds and its two self-indexed ETFs underperformed the market.

The performance of each Ark ETF in the third quarter is as follows:


ETFs that are actively traded

ETF: Ark Innovation: (-15.5 percent )

The Ark Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (ARKQ) is an exchange-traded fund that invests in autonomous technology and robotics (-9.5 percent )

The Ark Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW) is an exchange-traded fund that invests in the next generation of the internet (-9.9 percent )

ETF for the Ark Genomic Revolution (ARKG): (-19.3 percent )

ARK Fintech Innovation ETF ARKF +0.06%: ARK Fintech Innovation ETF ARKF +0.06%: ARK Fintech Innovation ETF ARK (-8.7 percent )

ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF (ARKX): Ark ETF Trust: (-6.6 percent )

ETFs that track indices

The ETF for 3D Printing (PRNT): (-10 percent )

The Ark Israel Innovation Technology ETF (IZRL) is a mutual fund that invests in Israel's innovative technology (-8.3 percent )

When compared to the more significant market performance, the low showing is exemplified. The S& P 500 Index rose 2.5 percent in the third quarter, while the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 5.1 percent.

Consumer and investor confidence is being harmed by macro headwinds, according to Wood's quarterly report. Fears of an economic slowdown arose due to a spike in the delta strain of the coronavirus, supply chain difficulties, and a Chinese government crackdown, she noted.

Ark feels that inflation fears are exaggerated and that the chances of deflation are more plausible.

Will Bitcoin Be Banned In The United States Like Gold Was? Cathie Wood and Ark Invest weigh in.


Tesla Aids In Weakness Mitigation: Wood is a self-proclaimed Tesla, Inc. TSLA +3.26 percent bull. With over 10% stakes in each, Tesla is part of the ARK Innovation ETF, the Ark Innovation ETF, and the Ark Innovation ETF.

In the third quarter, the electric vehicle behemoth topped the list of contributors to the returns of each of these ETFs.

Ark Invest sold approximately $605 million of Tesla stock in September alone, taking advantage of the EV maker's third-quarter rally.

Tesla's sales have continued far into October.

Energy and financial services are the most likely to be disrupted by innovation. The power and financial services sectors have benefited the most from the shift toward cyclical in the last nine to 12 months, according to Ark. These two industries, according to the firm, will be the most disrupted by innovation during the next five years.

"Autonomous electric vehicles and digital wallets, including cryptocurrencies and the decentralized financial services (DeFi) associated more broadly with blockchain technologies, will, in ARK's opinion, significantly disrupt and disintermediate both Energy and Financial Services over the next five years."


Cathie Wood, the founder of Ark Invest, did not purchase the first Bitcoin futures ETF.

According to Business Insider, Ark Invest founder and CEO Cathie Wood did not invest in the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy exchange-traded fund (ETF) on its first day.

Wood had this to say regarding the ETF's debut:

"We did not [invest]," says the narrator. We're taking a close look at this [...] there are specific tax implications we'd like to learn more about in terms of contango versus more traditional backwardation."

When the future price is greater than the current price, the ETF is in contango. In a negative trend, backwardation occurs when the forward price of a futures contract is lower than the spot price.

In June, wood's Ark Invest teamed up with 21 Shares to file for its Bitcoin (BTC) ETF. When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, she is also no stranger to the stock market.

Ark Investment Management, one of her funds, has been permitted to invest in Canada's Bitcoin ETF, the Ark Next Generation ETF. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has 8.3 million shares, with Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) accounting for a significant portion of Ark Invest's portfolio.

Ark Invest also added Coinbase stock to three of its ETFs in the spring, including the Ark Innovation ETF (ARKK), the Ark Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW), and the Ark Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF).

Wood stated that she is on the lookout for the next FAANG investment that will benefit her investors. FAANG is an abbreviation for the five largest American technology companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Jim Cramer first invented the phrase "FAANG" in 2013.

On its first day of trading, the Bitcoin Strategy ETF recorded the highest natural volume of any ETF and the second-highest overall volume.


Cathie Wood's Ark Invest is leaving Wall Street and relocating to Florida

Ark Investment Management said on Wednesday that it is permanently closing its New York office and relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida.

In 2020, Wood's flagship Ark Innovation exchange-traded fund soared over 150 percent, making her a Wall Street sensation.

Wood is unique in that she focuses solely on the technology industry. So it's probably unsurprising that she's quitting Wall Street.

Ark expects the move to "advance its business as it scales and continues to alter the asset management market," as well as "improve collaboration between and across the communities focused on innovation," according to the company.

"Ark isn't your typical Wall Street asset management firm, and we're excited to continue to break the mold by relocating to St. Petersburg, a city that values technology, research, and creativity," Wood added.

Jana Haines, Ark's strategy chief, said the area's "vibrant and diversified talent base" and the success of public-private partnerships centered on innovation encouraged the company.

This year hasn't been as good to Wood as the previous one. Despite a booming tech market, with the Nasdaq up more than 14 percent so far in 2021, the Innovation ETF is down 3.5 percent coming into the fourth quarter.